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mcast-server.h File Reference

Mulitcast server definitions. More...

#include "../compatibility.h"
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int mcast_server (const char *mcast_group, int destination_port, int delay_s)
 Executes multicast server application.

Detailed Description

Mulitcast server definitions.

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Function Documentation

int mcast_server ( const char *  mcast_group,
int  destination_port,
int  delay_s 

Executes multicast server application.

Supports IPv4 only

mcast_groupIs a string containing the multicast group address.
destination_portIs an int containing the destinaion UDP port number.
delay_sIs an int (in seconds) defining the sleep period between packets.
#FALSE in case of error and the description where error occurred. In case of success the function will loop and never reach the end