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mcast6-client.h File Reference

Mulitcast client definitions. More...

#include "../compatibility.h"
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int mcast6_client (const char *mcast_group, int receiving_port)
 Executes multicast client application.

Detailed Description

Mulitcast client definitions.

Andrea Florio andre.nosp@m.a@op.nosp@m.ensus.nosp@m.e.or.nosp@m.g


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Andrea Florio 2013 andre.nosp@m.a@op.nosp@m.ensus.nosp@m.e.or.nosp@m.g

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Function Documentation

int mcast6_client ( const char *  mcast_group,
int  receiving_port 

Executes multicast client application.

Supports IPv6 only

mcast_groupIs a string containing the multicast group address.
receiving_portIs an int containing the UDP port number the client will listen to.
FALSE in case of error and the description where error occurred. In case of success the function will loop and never reach the end